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NAMI Basics Class

NAMI BASICS is a free, 6-week education program for parents and other care givers of children/adolescents living with mental illness.  Taught by NAMI-trained parent/family peers, the course consists of six 2-1/2 hour classes.  Each class includes brief lectures, discussions and interactive exercises.  The course elements have been extensively tested and found to be highly effective.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognition of mental illness as a continuing traumatic event for the child and the family
  • Sensitivity to the subjective emotional issues faced by family caregivers and well children in the family
  • Recognition of the need to help reduce the day-to-day objective burdens of care and management
  • Gaining confidence and stamina for what can be a life-long role of family understanding and support
  • Empowerment of caregivers as effective advocates for their children

Additional topic modules will be available for independent presentations.

Keep in mind that families often become the primary caregiver of their ill family member. This burden of care has a significant impact on the family’s quality of life and it creates new challenges in developing coping skills, communication skills, learning to take care of ones self and in setting boundaries. Additionally, as the family’s journey with mental illness progresses, many families suddenly find themselves in financial difficulties, having marital/relationship problems, dealing with job related problems, coping with mental and physical exhaustion, isolated, dealing with stigma, and even blamed for their ill family member’s illness. At the same time, many families discover the mental health system is dysfunctional at best and unable to assist them. NAMI Family-to-Family course can help to alleviate many of the subjective burdens that families carry while caring for their ill loved one, as well as help them maneuver through the flawed “system”. Evidence-based studies found that families who had taken the Family-to-Family course felt a greater perception of empowerment and a reduction in their subjective burden of caring for a family member with a serious mental illness. This in turn lifted their spirits and made their care taking role and family situation seem more manageable and less depressing.

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