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NAMI High Country Colorado is a 100% volunteer, grassroots organization with no paid staff.

2018 Board of Directors

Sheila Brockmeier, Board President

Sheila first joined NAMI in the Denver metro area after taking the Family-to-Family class. For several years she taught Family-to-Family for the Arapahoe/Douglas affiliate and also coordinated their FaithNet outreach to faith communities in the area. Now that Sheila and her husband live in Summit County full time, she is honored to serve as a founding member of the NAMI High Country CO Board as well as teaching Family-to-Family and serving as a Family Support Group facilitator. When not involved in NAMI related activities, Sheila coordinates programs for young children at the North Branch Library in Silverthorne and also works with children and youth at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Breckenridge.  Sheila has many family members living with and in recovery from mental illness and uses a variety of strategies to manage her own depression.  Sheila believes that knowledge is power and has seen the great healing that can come to individuals and family members when they realize they are not alone in their experience of mental illness.

Lorri Heuck, Board Treasurer

Having family members with mental illness made me reach out to NAMI in 2014. NAMI programs helped me through some difficult times. In 2015, I was honored to be a part of the process to bring NAMI to Summit County. Being involved in my community is an essential part of my life and NAMI has afforded me, a great opportunity to serve in our wonderful community. NAMI High Country is definitely an integral part of Summit County and I am so proud to serve on the board.


Betty Claybrook, Board Secretary

I am mother of a son who committed suicide at age 27 and a daughter who struggles with several mental diagnoses:  Bi Polar, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Depression.Sadly she continually succumbs to substance abuse.I have been raising her daughter for the past nine years.Fortunately, I met Betty Sarber at a parenting education presentation.She told me about NAMI and I took the NAMI Basics course.  It was so beneficial to me thatI became very passionate about what I had learned.I started attending the NAMI Support Group, helping helped me realize I am not alone.

Now I am member of the NAMI High Country Colorado board.My goal is to advocate, reduce stigma, and educate as many people as possible about mental health. There is no health without mental health.


Annie Livingston-Garrett, Board Member

I became familiar with NAMI over 20 years ago in Nashville, TN.  My second ex-husband became active in NAMI Nashville’s and Tennessee’s Boards of Directors and served as President of the state Board.  I found hope in the rooms of NAMI.  I became trained as an IOOV (In Our Own Voice) presenter and as Connection and NAMI Smarts facilitators.  I worked on a couple lobbying campaigns for Tennessee in their state legislature (state mental health monies were maintained/increased).  I’ve testified against the Death Penalty for mentally ill folks in the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee (the bill was defeated).

Symptoms of my mental illness began about the time I was 16, however I wasn’t diagnosed with Major Depression and given antidepressants until I was 50.  This made just getting through all the days during those three+ decades very difficult.  I learned many strengths from talking therapy during that time, but life could have been MUCH easier if I’d been able to have meds earlier.  I often wonder if my first marriage might have lasted if I’d had treatment for a mental illness?  I wonder if I would’ve sustained jobs for longer periods of time?  I wonder if I wouldn’t have lost three children (two before birth)?  I wonder…

Lyn Herford, Board Member

Lyn Herford is a Sergeant with the Breckenridge Police Department and has been in law enforcement in Summit County for 15 years.  She became trained in CIT, Crisis Intervention Training, which is an intensive 40 hour course that trains police officers how to deal with people experiencing a mental health crisis.  She is a trained course director and coach and is passionate about bringing the training to all officers in the mountain region.  Lyn is also involved in the Suicide Prevention Action Team and speaks at local schools on suicide prevention and advocates for reducing the stigma of mental illness.   She and her husband have lived in Summit County since 1991 and enjoy all the outdoor activities our community offers.

Margaret Gilmon, Board Member

Margie Gilmon has been involved with NAMI for many years in Alaska and Colorado. She is a founding board member of NAMI High Country Colorado. Her interest is in supporting people with mental illnesses and their families. She advocates to end stigma, support research, and to increase mental health services for everyone. Margie is a professor of nursing at Colorado Mountain College.

Monica Mills, Board Member

I’m a teacher at the Peak School in Frisco, Colorado.  I’ve been a member of NAMI for several years, and involved in the Mental Health Community through activism, fundraising, bringing awareness in support of my brother Mark, who lost his battle to Bipolar Disorder in October of 2016.  I continue to advocate for young people who are in need of Mental Health services.  I strive to bring awareness and educate about the Mental Health Community. 

Picture of board member Kim Rodriquez Kimberly Rodriquez, Board Member

As a parent of a child who committed suicide in 2009 at age seventeen, I chose to channel my grief into giving back to children and families in my community, in hope of preventing a similar tragedy.  I have started a personal journey to be involved as a leader in my community, learning about mental health, awareness and education. I have focused my efforts on adolescents by creating a coalition of local mental health professionals, educators, peers and parents.  Participating on the High Country NAMI Board is a great privilege and I am proud to support the organization. 

I retired from the Ski Industry in 2006 and have been with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment since then. I am an employment specialist and social media publisher for the Rural Resort Sub Regions of the Colorado Workforce Center. 

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